Raised Hands

Building a Culture of Innovation

Innovation is central to your bottom line. Are you growing an innovation culture?

At most companies, ideas are plentiful. Yet 42% of corporate ideas wind up withering on the vine, CTI researchesshow. Why? Because leaders tend to green-light only innovations that they easily understand or those that speak to past experience. Without the right kinds of diversity, the most powerful ideas – those that open new markets or grab market share – never reach the execution stage.

At HCP, we know how to nurture and harvest creative innovation. We begin with a qualitative and quantitative assessment of your culture to gauge leaders' appetite for risk, levels of employee engagement and overall depth of diversity. How does failure get handled? Who delivers, and why? Who are the firm's role models and what can they teach us? Ultimately, we seek to leverage your workforce's full potential for innovation by inspiring workforce creativity and inclusion.

With a proven set of diagnostic tools and an actionable competency model, we drive the culture change that produces results.