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Hewlett Consulting Partners' intellectual capital and approach to talent management produces real, tangible results. Our solutions are customized for each client and the results are powerful.

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Innovation Culture Assessment for a Multinational Lighting Manufacturer

Struggling to gain competitive advantage in new markets, a multinational EU-headquartered lighting and semiconductor manufacturer makes their business more innovative by implementing a cutting-edge talent and diversity strategy.

HCP Approach
The CEO, CHRO and CDO of the company partners with Hewlett Consulting Partners to launch a multi-tiered strategy that involves:

  1. Conducting a comprehensive, global innovation culture assessment via Insights in Depth®, to identify barriers to innovation and inclusion faced by employees and leaders
  2. Gathering robust data to identify the leadership behaviors that inhibit organizational innovation
  3. Embarking on a three-year effort to drive culture change by developing the leadership behaviors necessary to build employee engagement (across gender,
    generational, and geographic lines), and ultimately drive innovation


  • Clear, visible CEO and executive committee commitment to inclusive behavior and diversity as a driver of business innovation
  • With HCP, implements three-year innovation and inclusion initiative
  • Greater engagement and retention of diverse employees
  • Key diverse leaders appointed to aid successful market expansion

Creating a Culture of Sponsorship at a Global Management Consulting Firm

A leading global management consulting firm engages Hewlett Consulting Partners to build a culture of sponsorship to advance diverse high-potential talent.

HCP Approach
The HCP approach focuses on leveraging Center for Talent Innovation research-backed sponsorship initiatives that have been rolled out industry-wide in recent years. The approach enables high-potential diverse talent to win sponsorship, with company support.

In a short time, the client transforms perceptions and behaviors, enabling both sponsors and protégés to significantly better support one another. Feedback is overwhelmingly positive:

Sponsor Feedback:

  • 100% have a greater understanding of sponsorship and why it matters
  • 100% are clear on how to further support their sponsee
  • 100% understand what it takes to be an effective sponsor to current and future sponsees
  • 100% feel more prepared to build effective sponsorship relationships
  • 100% have a clearer understanding of challenges and opportunities for senior women
  • 89% would recommend that high-potential consultants attend the program

Sponsee Feedback:

  • 94% have a greater understanding of what sponsorship is and why it matters
  • 87% report greater opportunities to build sponsorship relationships with senior leaders
  • 94% feel they have a clearer understanding of what they need to do to be successful
  • 94% are clear on how to effective leverage sponsorship to achieve ambitions
  • 94% feel more positive about career development at the company

100% would recommend other high-potential consultants attend the program

Empowering Female Leaders at a Multinational Bank

A Fortune 500 financial services organization seeking to empower their senior, high-potential women partners with Hewlett Consulting Partners to implement a customized leadership development program aligned with the company's strategic objectives.

HCP Approach
HCP first assesses the goals, barriers and motivations of the bank's high-potential female leaders via its proprietary Insights In-Depth® tool. Second, HCP develops a tailored, three-day leadership program focused on addressing the development needs identified in the diagnostic. Finally, HCP offers key follow-up resources that help senior executives sustain their commitment to the success of high-potential women.

The program is rated the bank's No. 1 executive education program in 2012 and achieves a 100-percent satisfaction rate from participants. The bank is currently engaging HCP to design and facilitate a second annual program.

Identification and Celebration of Leadership Role Models Global Healthcare Products Leader

A multi-billion dollar global healthcare products company asks HCP to help develop a culture of innovation.

HCP Approach
To help the client create a culture of innovation, HCP develops a customized process to increase inherent diversity at the top as well as build inclusive leadership competencies.

First, HCP conducts a study of the company's progress on innovation, diversity and leadership behaviors through a detailed analysis of internal data, executive interviews and a read on employee attitudes via HCP's proprietary Insights In-Depth® tool.

HCP then develops a research-based set of recommendations for a multi-year strategy that emphasizes the interplay of innovation and diversity and links progress in these areas to the core strategic objectives of the organization.

In further work with the client, HCP helps consolidate existing leadership models into one clear set of evaluation standards that prioritizes inclusion and innovation. "Role model" leaders are identified who embody the new standards and exemplify a culture of innovation in action.

With the launch of a new competency model that evaluates leaders on the behaviors that drive innovation and inclusion, the company transforms its approach to people engagement. The company is now leveraging a diversity strategy that fully utilizes employee talent worldwide and equips leaders with the skills necessary to drive inclusion and innovation.