Insights In-Depth®

Insights In-Depth® was developed exclusively by Hewlett Consulting Partners to go deeper than traditional surveys and focus groups. It enables a truly unfiltered and complete picture of employee experiences and perspectives.

It was specifically designed to enable companies to answer questions that can't be answered any other way and to gather data on the most nuanced and complex talent and engagement challenges companies face.

From the extraordinary, comprehensive quantitative and qualitative data gathered, we cut by many filters (gender, culture, business, geography) synthesize, analyze and consolidate a complete picture of the employee experience. Then we deliver a full range of informed, metrics-driven strategies and solutions to address the data we uncover. This data and the stories it uncovers become the baseline for many companies by which they ultimately measure themselves. Insights In-Depth® uniquely provides the metrics and measures that serve companies for years to come.

Introductory Video

Insights In-Depth® video