In the global market, innovation is a primary business imperative. HCP believes that building a culture of innovation requires inclusive leadership and the acceleration of diverse talent. Our service offerings construct these cultural pillars by employing our leading research and proven strategies.

Inclusive Leadership:

The work world is shifting rapidly. Is your firm keeping up? Today, organizations large and small must be more nimble, responsive, and entrepreneurial than ever before, yet many leaders aren't keeping pace. Top companies are spending billions of dollars a year to train and develop the leaders of tomorrow. Yet, according to the Center for Talent Innovation, nearly 65 percent of U.S. executives describe themselves as "hierarchical," "old school" or "command and control" – precisely the leadership styles that stifle organizational success. READ MORE

1. Innovation Culture Diagnostic

2. Identification and Celebration of Leadership Role Models

3. Executive Development

Acceleration of
Diverse Talent:

In management and leadership, the crucial complement to Acquired Diversity® is the presence of inherently diverse talent in key decision making roles. Excellent management, in other words, draws upon learned inclusive behaviors and inherent diversity of background, education, gender and race/ethnicity.

Yet the advancement of diverse talent has stalled at many companies. Women and minorities each make up only about 4% of Fortune 500 CEOs. Many are stuck just below the top tier of the C-suite – unable to progress. READ MORE

1.  Multi-Year Diversity Strategy Development

2.  Building a Culture of Sponsorship

3.  Diverse Leadership Programs and Workshops

4.  Developing a Meaningful Employee Value Proposition