Sponsor ReadySM

Our corporations have a problem. Women and people of color, even when equally or more qualified, aren't moving up the career ladder with the same velocity or numbers as white men. Ultimately, it's not a problem of race or gender or even access. It's a problem of power. What drives the transfer of power? Sponsorship—whether spoken or unspoken—has been at the root of promotions and deal brokering since the beginning of business. Sponsorship is real and it's not going anywhere. But sponsorship doesn't have be limited to a few elites.

Hewlett Consulting Partners and the Center for Talent Innovation partnered with Nomadic Learning to scale the lessons of CTI's research on sponsorship to more individuals globally. Together, we've created an innovative approach that brings actionable advice and small team collaboration into an engaging online platform: Sponsor ReadySM.

Here's how it works:

Armed with this knowledge, learners will be ready to build a culture of sponsorship at your organization, accelerating your progress to become a truly diverse and inclusive company.

Introductory Video

Sponsor Ready introductory video